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AD 7606

Question asked by Pierro on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by jcolao


I have a fpga (cyclone) connected to an AD7606-4.

I've programmed the fpga to get the converted data from the adc by using its two serial outputs DoutA & DoutB.

I can get some data for the frist adc channel, but thid data word never changes, even if I change the voltage at Vin1 input.

I apply the same voltage to Vin2, but the data word I get is not valid.

I send a reset pulse allready after  power on, I've tried to send reset pulse after each reading... no more succes.

All my signals seems to be right, according to the data sheet...


I've also tried with a slower clock frequency (11 MHz).. no succes!

could someone give me an idea ?