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ADuCM360 ADC voltage range

Question asked by Lightseek on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Lightseek

Thanks in advance. Using ADuCM360 on MKZ Rev Eval Board. Two quick questions:


1). What register should I be concerned with if I want to set the ADC to be single-ended versus differential?


2). Using the following code to initialize the ADC, I would expect the voltage range to be +/- 1.2V, however I am able to input over 1.2V, say 3V. Should it go to rail for any voltage above 1.2V if the gain is set to 1?


void ADC1INIT(void)


   AdcMski(pADI_ADC1,ADCMSKI_RDY,1);              // Enable ADC ready interrupt source

   AdcFlt(pADI_ADC1,124,14,FLT_NORMAL|ADCFLT_NOTCH2|ADCFLT_CHOP); // ADC filter set for 3.75Hz update rate with chop on enabled

   AdcRng(pADI_ADC1,ADCCON_ADCREF_INTREF,ADCMDE_PGA_G1,ADCCON_ADCCODE_INT); // Internal reference selected, Gain of 1, Signed integer output

   // Turn off input buffers to ADC and external reference


   AdcPin(pADI_ADC1,ADCCON_ADCCN_AIN0,ADCCON_ADCCP_AIN1); // Select AIN1 as postive input and AIN0 as negative input