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Access Created USB MASS Storage Inside uClinux

Question asked by AnnaMaria1990 on Nov 15, 2013
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I can partition and format the created USB filesystem either in uClinux, linux PC, or in Windows PC. But the problem is, how do I access the created fsg.block within uClinux itself? I was trying to mount it directly after formatting, but it took forever. I tried to follow, in

Accessing the backing storage from the gadget

I couldn't find loop0 under dev.

What should I do?


My ultimate goal is to store a booting image into BF609's SD card, from PC, through USB. Then after power on again, blackfin can boot from that space.


P.S. I am able to create the fsg.block inside SD card, so the only remaining issue is to access the stuffs which I created from Windows/Linux PC, inside uClinux itself.