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ADV7612 Register Settings.

Question asked by Tamu on Nov 15, 2013
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I have questions about register setting of ADV7612.


Question 1:
There is a description on "ADV7612 Register Settings Recommendations" document, 4 page as follows:
68 4C 44 Set NEW_VS_PARAM 0x44[2]=1

Is the "NEW_VS_PARAM 0x44[2]=1" wrong description?
We think "NEW_VS_PARAM 0x4C[2]=1" is right.
What do you think?

Question 2:
Please refer attached script file "ADV7612-VER.2.9c.txt".
There is a setting on the file as follows:
"68 9B 03 ; ADI recommended setting"

This setting is not included on "ADV7612 Register Settings Recommendations".
Do we have to set this register?
If it's yes, could you tell us what the register setting means?
And could you tell us what problems may occur when we don't set the register?


Thank you!
Best regards.