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ADV7181C clk level

Question asked by NickA on Jun 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by NickA

Is it possible to run the ADV7181C off of a 1.8v clk source connected

to the XTAL input (by setting the XTAL_TTL_SEL bit to '0') ???

The datasheet for the ADV7181C specs a 3.3v clk, but the XTAL_TTL_SEL

bit looks like it might be a way to configure it for 1.8v operation. The

ADV7180 accepts a 1.8v clock and operates fine. I have a board that is

already using the ADV7180s and I am adding the ADV7181Cs to the design.

I would like to use the same oscillator source for all of the devices.