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ADV7611 HDCP Key programming and content

Question asked by ap00 on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by ap00

I have finally made it to the point of testing the ADV7611 in our   design. We have software that is sending in ADV7611 I2C setup  data. This appears to be working properly as we can extract I2S audio  from some HDMI sources. I have some questions about HDCP handling.

1. My understanding is that Analog Devices will program HDCP keys into  the OTP ROM in all of the ADV7611 devices we order (since we have an  HDCP license). Does this mean we do not need to go through the lengthy  HDCP procedure to actually download HDCP keys? If so, great!

2.  I have started testing with some HDMI sources. I am not yet sure how to  tell if a piece of content has HDCP encryption on. I have tried some  content in a Blu-ray player. I was able to get audio from one disc. I am  currently not getting audio out of HDMI from a DVD movie in the player.  Is it possible the HDCP key in the ADV7611 does not work for some  content?