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Blackfin BF536 SPI Booting Failures

Question asked by EE-IN-NC on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by VineethaThomas

I have a Blackfin BF536 processor set up to load the program from an external SPI memory chip. A test stand program is initially loaded on the memory chip, and the Blackfin boots the program from the memory chip with no problems. However, the regular program when loaded does not seem to properly run after resetting the power to the board, or even removing power from the board, and replacing it within 30 seconds. We can put the same test stand program (roughly same size as regular program) on the memory chip and it consistently loads correctly, but not the regular program. We have been building this design for about three years now and didn't start to see this problem until recently, and it is probably affecting only about 10 percent of the boards.  We have looked at running the same board through the emulator, but we can never get it to fail when connected that way. The only difference here is the program is not being loaded through the flash memory IC and the processor is being controlled by the emulator.  We are also able to verify the program contents in the SPI Flash an AT25DF161-SSH.


Any ideas on possible causes or troubleshooting tips would be appreciated!