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AD9252 LVDS interface

Question asked by Iouri on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2010 by DaveD



I am planning to use AD9252, and I have few questions:


1. Loooking at the data sheet page 5 table 3 Innput common mode voltage is says typical 1.2V, but when I search for LVDS oscilator, all of them are 1.25V will those 50mV create a problem?


2. Data sheet is not specifying Typ./Max Differential Input voltage for the clock, can you please provide this data?


3. Do I need to have any termination resistors on clock lines?


4. I am planning to sample input signal with 40MHz frequency, but data sheet is calling everywhere for 50 Mhz, will it create problem?