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Downloading firmware via RS232?

Question asked by dinrail on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by dinrail

I tried to download firmware via RS232 directly (field upgrade) but failed. Could anyone point out what I did wrong?


I started with Adc example from ADuCM360, the program works fine when downloaded via the provided J-LINK LITE module


Now, I would like to download it via RS232 port and I did the following


1) Short P2.2 (BM) to ground

2) Power up the device

3) Release P2.2

4) Run cm3wsd.exe (see attachment for detail configuration)

5) Select the COM port ADuCM360 is connected to

6) Select baud rate 38400

7) Select the hex file, which is ADCExample.hex

8) CM3WSD indicates it "Connect test board PC COM6 at 38400 Baud, Click Start"

9) Click Start, and it says "Ready @ 38400 baud n,8,1 Press Download and pulse Reset on hardware"

10) I assume I need to repeat 1)-3), when I do that, CM3WSD coughed out "ADuCM361 128 D 30-. received. Incorrect part detected Select correct part from the Configure Dialog", my part is ADuCM361, but only 360 is available in the part selection......