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ADL5382 Vp-p clarification

Question asked by TPiggin on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Qui

Hi, I'd like to clarify a figure from the datasheet of the ADL5382 that has caused me a few issues recently.


The figure for output swing is 2Vp-p with a common mode voltage of 2.2V when VPOS is 5V. I realise the device can swing more than 2Vp-p, but if we were to say that this was the absolute limit of what the device could swing between which of the following examples is true (just for the I channel output)...


A:    I+ = 2.2v + 0.5v = 2.7v                            I+ = 2.2v - 0.5v = 1.7v

                                 and swinging in the other direction...            giving 2Vp-p due to the +1v - -1v

       I-  = 2.2v - 0.5v  = 1.7v                             I-  = 2.2V + 0.5v = 2.7v  


B:   I+ = 2.2v + 1v = 3.2v                                 I+ = 2.2v - 1v = 1.2v

                                  and swinging in the other direction...           giving 2Vp-p due to the 2v difference at any one time

       I-  = 2.2v - 1v  = 1.2v                               I-  = 2.2V + 1v = 3.2v