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How to transfer an azimuth angle?

Question asked by AllenCherry on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2013 by NevadaMark

Anyone who can help please!,  We need to very accurately orientate an antenna platform in the ‘Z’ axis so that we know exactly the direction in which it is pointing (e.g. 0 degrees ‘True North’).  This must be accomplished to <0.5 degrees accuracy, and is carried out in various locations, inside buildings, metal structures, vehicles etc.  Solid-state compasses do not work because of the variable magnetic interferences in the various locations, and it has not been possible to provided adequate compensation to give the desired level of accuracy using a compass.  We were wondering if it would be possible to use one of your ‘gyro’ devices in the following calibration technique:  A self-contained ‘box’ would be made, containing the necessary battery power, ‘gyro’ device and associated circuitry.   This would then be oriented along a known angle of longitude, i.e. a ‘calibration’ routine that can be carried out outside the building using sighting points that give a known bearing.  The gyros would then be ‘zeroed’ on that bearing, and the box taken into the building, set on the antenna pedestal, which would then be rotated in the ‘Z’ axis to obtain the same ‘zero’ output from the gyro.  Please can you advise if it would be possible to use one of your ‘gyro’ devices to accomplish this task – or if you have any other suggestions, we would be very grateful!  Allen Cherry