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A question for TDM implement by BF537's SPORT

Question asked by ZhouTao on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2010 by Prashant

Hi guys,

  Hope you are well.

  Here I meet a very urgent issue when using SPORT DMA in TDM mode. DSP we used is BF537 and there are four DSPs in our system.


The following are the environment setting and the phenomenon:



1.  TFS、RFS and TxCLK、RxCLK are applied from outside(FPGA), all 4 TFS、RFS connected together and all 4 TxCLK、RxCLK connected together;

2.  There are 256 bytes in one frame, every DSP use 64 bytes separately;

3.  SPORT TX DMA work in Register based mode;



1.  In our system, the transition can't stop after once enable SPORT DMA. I can capture that the data are sent out from SPORT TX continuously by oscillogragh. According to manuals and my understanding, after enable SPORT DMA, the DMA transition will run only one time, then should stop, wait next writing DMAEN bit operation. I don't know whether or not it is relative with the SPORT TDM. Or isn't DMA STOP mode suitable to be applicated in SPORT TDM?

2.  When I enable SPORT, DMA and TX DMA interrupt, the programme will stay in the ISR and can never run out. It seems that DMA_DONE bit in pDMA4_IRQ_STATUS can't be cleared. But pDMA4_IRQ_STATUS is 0x0000 after halt(shift+F5) DSP.

Attached is detail project codes.


It is so weird and it has taken us very much time. Please give me some advice or test method.   


  I'm very appreciate if you can help me!


Best Regards