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Software interrupts

Question asked by emi.rein on Nov 14, 2013
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I am struggling with software interrupts.

In the main function of the code the NESTM bit is set in order to get nested interrupts (there will be another interrupt from the SPORT1 Receiver):

    sysreg_bit_set(sysreg_MODE1, NESTM);

A handler is installed for the software interrupt SFT1I

    adi_int_InstallHandler(ADI_CID_SFT1I, myISR, 0, false);

A semaphore is declared:

    volatile int doSomething = 0;


The ISR is:

void myISR(uint32_t iid, void* handlerArg)


    doSomething = 1;

    adi_int_EnableInt(ADI_CID_SFT1I, false);



In some function the interrupt is set:

    adi_int_EnableInt(ADI_CID_SFT1I, true);


When the program is run, doSomething is never set, the ISR is not called.

Does adi_int_EnableInt raise the required interrupt or should extra code be added?


Thanks for your help.