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Strange problem with DAC synchronization

Question asked by gelderv on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by harryh

On our main board we use two AD9739 DAC devices. On that board we also have two small plug-in cards.  One is an RF board, the other one is a digital board that is not close to the DAC's.  When we remove either one of the plug-in boards, we can get a stable DAC sync.  When we have both plug-in boards present, we cannot get a stable sync.  Even more strange is that, when the digital board is replaced by a resistor that draws the same amount of DC current (700 mA), we cannot get a stable sync.
We have checked the DAC power supplies, clocks etc but have not been able to find the root cause yet.
So any hint you can give us to improve the situation, would be very helpful.