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[ADV7511W] HDMI v1.4a, HDCP v1.3.

Question asked by Tamu on Nov 13, 2013
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I have a question about ADV7511W.


There is a description about HDMI and HDCP on the datasheet P.1 as follows:
"Incorporates HDMI v.1.4a features"
"Compatible with DVI v.1.0 and HDCP v.1.3"
These seem that HDMI is v1.4a and HDCP is v1.3.


Meanwhile, there is a description on 9.2 section of HDMI specification as follows:
"HDMI implementations for HDMI shall adhere to HDCP specification 1.4."

Is it OK that ADV7511W has feature of HDCP not v1.4 but v1.3?


Thank you.
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