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A question about the power of ADAU1761

Question asked by Jingchang on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by BrettG

Dear Sir

We concern the power of ADAU176. As discussed in the datasheet, the ADAU1761 is a low power processor that supports stereo 48 kHz record and playback at 14 mW from a 1.8 V analog supply. However, when a 40-order digital filter program whose sampling rate is 48KHz, is running at the EVAL-ADAU1761Z under the condition that all unnecessary jumpers are unconnected, the power of ADAU1761 is more than 56mW. So I have a question that how do you test the power of ADAU1761?Could you provide a power test demo for me? Any recommendations about the power of ADAU 1761 can be provided

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