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Getting started with ADL5511-EVALZ evaluation board

Question asked by uditha on Nov 11, 2013
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I am trying to use a "ADL5511-EVALZ" evaluation board for a envelop detection application.


I've tried testing the board by powering it up using a +5V supply and applying a 2 GHz signal switched at 1 kHz to the RF IN port.

The output at the VENV was tested using an oscilloscope.


However the board any response from the outputs. (VENV / VRMS) and both of them remained close to zero regardless of the input signal.

I've also tried applying a continuous wave signal without any envelop but still the VENV was close to zero.


From what I understood from the datasheet VENV should vary around 1.1 V reference voltage. However I was not able to observe this or get the board working. Is there any additional steps that need to be taken to operate this board?


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