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Is it possible to run and use 'Chipscope analyzer' with .ace image running on ML605

Question asked by FArid on Nov 11, 2013
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I'm using reference image (.ace) file for AD-FMCOMMS1 running on ML-605 (revE).

I wonder how to run Chiscope anlyzer when this reference design is running on ML605 and AD-FMCOMMS1.

When I try to run it, it shows successful connection to server:


COMMAND: open_cable

INFO: Attempting to connect to an existing server.

INFO: Successfully opened connection to server: (


however searching for cable is taking like forever and shows this:


WARNING: Server connected but not responding after 60 seconds.

The server may be in use by another ChipScope client configuring a large device or

the port may already be in use by a non-ChipScope server.

You may want to exit the program and try a different port.


I'm using HyperTerminal to have the prompt to device. However, even when I close it the same thing appears. What part I'm doing wrong?