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Register settings of ADV7612.

Question asked by Tamu on Nov 12, 2013
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I have a question about register setting of ADV7612.


There is a description on "ADV7612 Register Settings Recommendations" document, 4 page as follows:
CP Map
44 6C 00 ADI recommended setting
68 03 98 Set DIS_I2C_ZERO_COMPR 0x03[7]=1


But our customer has been setting as following registers.
44 6C 10
68 03 18


Could you tell us whether the setting "44 6C 10" and "68 03 18" has any problem or not?


Background information:
The customer's application is automotive product.
Their product has already been shipping since last year.
It's assumed that unspecified HDMI source DUT is connected.
For the moment, the problem has not occurred at all.


Thank you!
Best regards.