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Interleaved Boost ADP1048 PWM settings

Question asked by Jimbob78 on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Jimbob78

For interleaving boost can both PWM conduct simultaneously? I’m trying to decipher the PWM settings in the GUI. I’m after 180 degree phase shift min duty 0.05 max duty 0.95 approx. To me it looks from the GUI that duty cycle is clamped to 0.5 is that right? Or does the shaded blue area indicate where the PWM output can conduct switch on? I dont want both switches on at the same time you can't accuratly sense the current through each inductor.





I want to use the ILIM (fast OCP comparator) to ensure neither inductor gets greater then about 7.7A pk to avoid saturation. Is there any particular reason you couldn’t increase the offset seen by the comparator higher then the 0.8V example in the datasheet to reduce dissipation in the sense resistor?