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ADAU1701 TDM input slave mode

Question asked by StefanGrob on Nov 11, 2013
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I'm coupling two dsp boards. Both equipped with one ADAU1701. The master board is clocking out TDM in master mode, the slave board's DSP should clock-in the TDM data in slave mode. I know for sure that the serial data from the master is OK because on both boards an 8ch DAC with TDM input is converting the TDM data into audio successfully. The boards contain a CPLD as glue logic, so I'm very flexible with respect to clocks and routing.


The boards are in 256*fs mode (PLL_MODE0 = '0', PLL_MODE1 = '1')

MP0 is TDM data in,

MP4 is TDM LRCK = 48 kHz,

MP5 = TDM BCK = 12,288 MHz,

MCLKI = TDM BCK = 12,288 MHz,

all data and clocks come from the master DSP board. I have a sync masterclock (24,576 MHz) that is fed to the 8ch TDM DACs available from the master DSP board as well.


The DSP on the slave board is not syncing. Do I need to configure something to get it listening to the LRCLKi (MP4) and BCLKi (MP5)? I can't find a "slave" button for the TDM input in the SigmaStudio software. I've included a (not-working) screendump of my config.


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