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Implement DSP for a software defined radio

Question asked by on Nov 10, 2013
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I am looking to implement a DSP for a software defined radio (SDR) project, but I am having trouble identifying the right DSP that can interface with a 40MSps ADC. Currently, I have been developing the RF front end by using a high speed data capture kit (HSC-ADC-EVALC) and a ADC evaluation board (AD9629-40EBZ). I would like to move on to the back end of the radio by implementing FIR filters, FM demod etc... The DSP will eventually go into commercial production, so ideally im looking for a low power + low cost solution.


I am wondering if anyone can give some advice/suggestions on finding a DSP that can be interfaced with my AD9629-40. The AD9629-40 uses a serial interface - are there DSPs with SPORT that can support 40MSps? many thanks in advance.


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