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How to calculate the Factional Delay sending data ?

Question asked by Sojourney on Nov 10, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by Sojourney

Hi guys,

the sample delay cell, i know how to caclulate, but it have click noise when sending data. so i need to use this Factional Delay.

    this "Factional Delay" cell, QQ图片20131110222425.jpg

    the step is 0.01

    0 --> 100%   sending 0x000000 --> 0x00800000, 


1.    how to caclulate this data ? the equation is not shown in help file.

2.    and what the relationship between the "Current as % Max"  and time "ms" ?  like 50% --> how many delays (ms) ?

3.    the "Max 300", is the Sample  right ?   so if this 300 samples is delay Max 6.2ms ?


by the way ,  the "Signal Invert"  cell  , when sending data, have click noise,  any ideas ?QQ图片20131110224219.jpg


already use the safe write,   should i operate like this: mute --> set invert  --> unmute ?