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SPI Comunication with Arduino

Question asked by on Nov 8, 2013
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I have bought one Evaluation Card with the ADE7878 chip inside. I have read the manual and I have connected my Micro in the Port P38 of the Evaluation CARD.

I would like to use SPI communication, so I have connect MOSi, MISO, CLCK and SS. I would like to use the ADE7878 in MODE0, so I have connected tthe PM1 to ground.


Inside of my microprocessor software and at the beginning I have switch three time the SS pin from HIGH to LOW for selecting the SPI port.


After this command I am testing to read the Voltage VArms, so after the init, I am reading the register 0x42C1 with the Read byte 00000001.


In te Evaluation Card I can see with my Oscilloscope that the Test Point TP46 has the data sending to the ADE7878. I can see the clock, the SS etc..

But in the TP47 (MISO) can't see anything.

I and using two power supply, one to the ADE7878 and the other to the ISOLATORs.


Thanks for your help