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Getting natural speech with a 1:2 Decompressor

Question asked by cbrew on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by KJBob

I'm having a lot of difficulty getting natural sounding speech using a compressor box (peak, RMS, or combo). Attacks are too loud compared to the rest of the clip, but as I tweak the knobs, I can't level this out without raising the noise floor.


Can anyone recommend a tool and/or settings that has worked for them to achieve good decompression?


I noticed in the help section reference to  a "Standard Peak/RMS  Compressor" that has a lot more controls, particularly referring to  control of the attack/release time. But I don't see this tool in the  toolbox. (Using Ver. 3.9 Build 2)


About my setup: the input signal is compressed 2:1, and I'm comparing the audio to a reference receiver that uses an SA575 compander to perform the 1:2 decompression.

Here is the decompression curve I'm using.



Thanks for any help,