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VDSP with multiple SHARC 21368s

Question asked by Laz on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2010 by Laz

I have a custom board with three 21368s.  After the initial debug hassles, it has been working fine.  I set it aside for a bit to work on another project, and now have returned to it.  Here is my situation:


- Power up the Board, connect the emulator session.

- Load the code.

- Hit Multi-proc Run

> I never reach my breakpoints

- Hit multi-proc Stop

- Observe that the first processor is stuck in a lib_ exception, and the other two processors have had their code-space set to all NOP (0x0000).


How is this even possible?  Have I accidentally clicked an option that would permit this?  It is very repeatable.


Also, when I try to reload the code, it takes two or three times to succeed.  The first time, it will fail to load the codespace, and can't set the starting breakpoint at _main.