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Question asked by on Nov 8, 2013
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I have a micro capacitor sensor with C0 around 10pF, it changes +- 4pF (so I am in the range  of 6 to 14 pF).

I  am currently using a laboratory wire conditioning preamplifier (charge   preamplifier Bruel&kajer 2626) with a sensitivity of 1V/pCoulomb
to  convert the charge across the micro capacitor sensor to voltage and  them I process this voltage by my  data acquisition system.

I am looking for:
1- a chip to convert the charge ( or capacitance) to voltage instead of  the laboratory conditioning preamplifier,
2- A method to measure this voltage wireless in order  to process it using my data acquisition system.

Could I find my request  here?

Please feel free to ask me any question to clarify,