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SPI Communication in slave mode for BF537

Question asked by gunjannigam on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2010 by Drakeen

I want to configure my Blackfin ADSP-537 in slave mode for SPI

I have written the following code to setup

void SetupSPI(void)
    *pPORTF_FER |=    PF11 | PF13|PF14;                        // PF10 - SPI SSEL2
    *pPORTGIO_INEN        = 0x0000;
    *pPORTGIO_DIR        = 0xFFFF;        // LEDs
    *pPORT_MUX    |=    PJSE_SPI;

    *pSPI_CTL = SPE|CPHA|CPOL|GM|0x00;


Now I have to recieve the data in slave mode. How will I check the SPISS signal, when it is active. The interrupt will be generated when the SPI_RDBR buffer is full. How will i check that interrupt?