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Problem about Initialization

Question asked by ShutianXu on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2013 by ShutianXu

I use mcu (stm32f107vc) communicate with adau1442 via i2c.the mcu can read date from eeprom,but it can't read from adau1442(There is no response when I send 0x70 to adau1442).if there is something wrong with Initialization.

I noticed the System Initialization Sequence

1. Power on the IC and bring it out of reset. The order of the power supplies (DVDD, IOVDD, and AVDD) does not matter.

2. Wait at least 10.667 ms for the initialization to complete if the XTALI input is 12.288 MHz and the PLL divider is set to 4 (see the Power-Up Sequence section for information about calculating the initialization time if another fXTALI is used).

3. Enable the master clocks of all modules to be used (see the Master Clock and PLL Modes and Settings section).


anyone can tell me what wrong with it?