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USB Device and LCD on BF548 problem

Question asked by mratajczyk on Jun 10, 2010
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by matchaze

Hello everyone,

I'm using the CM-BF548 module on my own  board. I am using BF as a USB peripheral device connected  to a PC.


Test application based on usb_loopback module works fine, transfer data rates are high enough.
I have LCD on EPPI0 connted. LCD driver works fine - application is showing some pictures correctly.

Next step is to work together with LCD showing pictures and sending this pictures via USB. And here the problem begins.

First problem - connecting device cable to PC sometimes makes picture frozen for some time, and after this picture starts shifted a few lines. My observation shows that hdrc driver stops in WaitMilliSec(100) procedure. This procedure consists of "while" loop waiting for adequate processor cycles.


Second problem - when PC stalls for some reason during retrieving data - hdrc driver hangs in TransmitDataBuffer procedure waiting on empty FIFO

/* check if FIFO is empty or not */
       if(*pUSB_TXCSR & (1 << 1))
           /* only for the bulk endpoints we will wait */
                  while(*pUSB_TXCSR & (1 << 1)) ;
               *pUSB_TXCSR |= (1 << 3);




Do you have some advice?

Or, maybe there is some VDK application example with USB OTG and LCD?