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Sigma Studio and EEPROM Programming

Question asked by freemanc on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by Skfir

Hi Guys,


I need your help again please.  I had problems getting the ADAU1701 working in selfboot mode, and the problem was solved here:


When replicating my PCB with the mods, it did not work.  Oscillator is running and the digital supply is correct, so I assume the DSP is willing to run.  However, in Sigma Studio, I keep getting the "Compiled. Comms Failed" error.  So I hooked up a separate PCB with JUST the EEPROM on it, here is the schematic:



SCL and SDA have pull-ups of 2.2k each to PVDD, which is 3.3V.  So this schematic SHOULD be fine with Sigma Studio?  For some reason it's not, I get the same error.  My USBi interface is working fine, because I can still program the evaluation kit!


To make matters worse, the old PCB which I kept as a reference, is no longer working for whatever reason I have no clue.


Please help!


Kind regards