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ADP1048 GUI issues

Question asked by Jimbob78 on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by Jimbob78

I’m having issues with the AD1048 GUI.




My workstation specs are:


W7 Home Premium (fully updated)


Processor Intel(R) Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz,8GB ram


Nividia GT420 Graphics card




After I install the GUI every time I launch the application it launches the USB driver installer instead of the app. When I am successful in launching the app (in demo mode) there seems to be some options missing namely the output voltage divider setting.




What I’ve tried :


Compatability settings---- Set to winXP sp2


When I launch the app using the compatibility troubleshooter it launches correctly (the usb driver installer doesn’t launch). When I actually got the app to launch when I noticed the missing options see screen shot. The app is generally buggy as well not displaying correctly etc..







I’ve installed the app with full admin privileges and with WXP sp2 compatibility settings.


Installing took a few attempts as the installer would close when it tries to install an older version of flash and I try to skip the old flash install. The setup will also close when I try to omit installing the USB drivers. I don’t want to use the Advark usb to I2C hardware so installing the drivers is not needed. I intend on using either the PICKIT serial analyzer or a uc to load the controllers registers. This brings to mind why restrict the GUI use to an over priced USB to I2C hardware?




Letting the installer install the USB drivers allows the installation to continue. The usb driver install indicates that it was successful. The fact that it continues to try to install when I try to launch the app would indicate otherwise. I’ve mentioned earlier the method to circumvent the annoying USB driver install (launching the app through the windows compatibility trouble shooter).




I would just like to use the app to get the register settings which are stored in the .r file and load them with my own hardware. I assumed using the GUI would help expedite this process and minimize error sources vs pouring over and deciphering the pages of registers in the data sheet.




Any suggestions?


Sorry about the double post. Everytime I hit post I got "you are not allowed to accsess this section " so I assumed it wasn't getting posted.