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Question asked by BRB on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by BRB

Using two profiles [0 and 1] and two waveforms [0-511, 512-1024].


When switching between the two (even though the two are identical, for testing), we get a "blip" in the output.


The hardware was designed so that the PROFILE_0 pin is being is being controlled like this.


* RAM_SWP_OVER causes interrupt on micro.

* Micro (70mhz clock) changes line going into a "latch" that is triggered by SYNC_CLK, PROFILE_0 is the output of the latch.


We are using CONTINUOUS RECIRCULATE, with a different step rate in each profile.


We get a "glitch" when changing from "1" to "0" or back ....


Should the design use RAM_SWP_OVER on the "LATCH" ?