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What is the scope of pragma optimize commands?

Question asked by Ribred on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by CraigG

The VDSP++ 5.0 C Compiler manual says on page 1-204


"General Optimization Pragmas

The compiler supports several pragmas which can change the optimization

level while a given module is being compiled. These pragmas must be used

globally, immediately prior to a function definition. The pragmas do not

just apply to the immediately following function; they remain in effect

until the end of the compilation, or until superseded by one of the following

optimize_ pragmas...."


A colleague reviewing my code is concerned about ambiguity as to scope of this pragma.  I say any pragma such as optimize_off only applies within a single file since the manual says it applies to a given module.  Therefore I issue a optimize_off at the start of a file related to hardware when I want no optimization then assume other code modules ( *.c, h etc files) will be optimized as command line by default.  He isn't sure.


I tried to add pragma optimize_as_cmd_line at the end of the file but since it doesn't precede a function it gives warnings. 


".\BSP\kvh_config.c", line 471: cc0606: {D} warning: this pragma must

          immediately precede a declaration

  #pragma optimize_as_cmd_line




1) Does this pragma have module scope only or does it continue to apply to other modules compiled after the one containing it?

2) (I don't want to do this if I don't have to but...) should every file have a pragma optimize_as_cmd_line to make it unambiguous?