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FMCOMMS1 Board with ZedBoard - Capturing data from AD9643

Question asked by odiz on Nov 7, 2013
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I am using a ZedBoard with FMComms1 daughter board. For a specific application, I only want to use AD9643 connected to the ARM Core with no_OS. Based on the reference design  and HDL codes provided, I have created a project including only AD9643 hardware module + ARM Processor + Communication Interface Modules (axi_dma connected to AD9643 module and ARM Core through AXI interconnect, axi_iic core connected to pins to FMCOMMS board and ARM CORE). I used drivers (with no changes) and API codes with small changes to make them operate with only AD9643 module as I desire. I run the main.c code and see that all initializations are done correctly and the code captures data using "adc_capture" function. However, since this function returns void, I cannot obtain any ADC data to process in ARM. I have searched through provided C codes and came across "ad9643_read" function which returns int32_t but I think it onyl reads from the registers of ADC. I also encountered ADC_Core_Read" function but I am not sure this is the function I need since it reads from the AXI address of AD9643 but not the address of DMA core which connects it to the ARM Core. I have also searched through all codes aboout these functions and I have not encountered any usage of them as I desire. I looked at the list of API functions to be used but could not find a function that fulfills my purpose. So, I am a bit confused here at this point.

I apologize for the long post. Thank you for your time.