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How to use HTTP_Server in BF536?

Question asked by danilliu on Jun 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2010 by CraigG



How can I port the Web server example in the VisualDSP++ to my BF536 board? the example is originally port for BF537.


I have refered the EE-315 document to  change the PHY driver for my PHY chip;


then I open the Web server example project group  according to the document "LWIP User GUIDE". Changed the Target\Processor to ADSP-BF536 of the two project in the project grope.    As there are 16M SDRAM in my board, I set the Extended Memory value accordingly.


I also added a macro "__ADSPBF537__" in the Preprocessor definition to avoid compile error.



The project group can be compiled with no error. But it can't run correct  -after I build project(F7), it loaded to the RAM and RUNING automatically  - I have not press F5 key yet! and there's no message printed out.


Is there any thing wrong ?


thanks for any help.