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Is a HDCP License Needed to Play Video on a HDTV via HDMI Transmitter (e.g. ADV7511)?

Question asked by alex.bevly on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by mattp

I want to use the EVAL-ADV7842-7511 evaluation kit to display video on a HDTV. From what I understand this would require using the ADV7511 HDMI Transmitter on the eval board.  I planned on simply sending my video data across the serial port to the Blackfin processor on the eval-board which would then output through the HDMI.  In order to do this, do I also need an HDCP license?


Can I use this evaluation board to talk to a HDTV (via my computer's serial port) without a HDCP license?


If so then is the ADV7511 a good choice?  I do not need to receive any video, only play it.  I essentially need to implement a video source to supply to a HDTV.


Thanks in advance guys...