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Synchronization between 2 ADC with AC excitation (AD7195/AD7730)

Question asked by jartigas on Nov 6, 2013
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I hope to explain well what I wanna do. i wanna design a weighing indicator for verification purposes.


I wanna connect 1 4-wire load cell to 2 weighing indicators, 1 indicator for weighing (any equipment, any brand...) and my indicator for verification.

The connection would be:

The load cell signals are connected to weighing indicator. The power supply of the load cell is provided by this indicator (AC or DC excitation).

On the other hand, the signal+ and signal - outputs of load cell are connected  to verification indicator, in paralell connection. The power supply signals are not connected to the verification indicator.


So, i have 2 situations:


     1- When the power supply of load cell is DC excitation. The verification indicator reads and works correctly.


     2- When the power supply of load cell ia AC excitation. The verification indicator doesn´t work.



               2.1- How i can synchronize the ADC of weighing indicator with ADC of the verification indicator?     

               2.2- Can it be done (read a chop signal from an external ADC)?