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What is the difference b/w AD8306ARZ & AD8309ARUZ Log amplifiers

Question asked by sugu89 on Nov 6, 2013
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We are currently using the Log amplifier AD8309ARUZ for our Log and limiter output requirement at 30MHz frequency. We have seen that, the part

AD8306ARZ also has the same specs except the package compared to AD8309.


1) May I know, What is the actual difference inside these two chips? Which one is has the better performance?

2) We have seen both the parts are in production? Which part is recommended for the new designs?

3) By comparing the cost The AD8309 is only $9.87 whereas AD8306ARZ is $18.72. Its around the double the cost of AD8309 but there is no functional and specs difference except package?


Our dynamic range is -70dBm to +5dBm input level at 30MHz pulsed input signal. Kindly give us the clarifications and suggest the Pros and cons to use the best part in our product.



Sugumar K