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Noise Gate not Functioning Properly

Question asked by ByronS on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by ByronS

I have an application where I'm using an RMS (no Gain) Compressor (several of them) to create a noise gate, but it doesn't appear to work. I have an external POT controlling which noise gate path to select through my Index Selectable Mux.....this part is working fine.  I've read several posts and understand you can "Show Graph" within the compressor  and drag the handles to create one.


From the compressor curve below, you can see I'm trying to set my noise gate a bit below -70 dB. If I drag the handle sitting right by the -70 dB text to the right, it attenuates my noise source (pink noise) along with my real audio which is significantly louder. I expected to clearly cut out my pink noise and leave the amplitude of my real audio un-affected. As I drag the aforementioned handle right, I'm adjusting the slope of the angled line to maintain a 45 degree angle and keep the output level un-affected in this region (ie: 1:1 with input signal). I've tried using the RMS with Gain compressor to apply some post compressor gain back to my real audio, but it simply amplifies that in addition to my noise source.



My project is using an ADAU1701. Am I missing something obvious here?


Noise Gate.JPGNoise Gate 2.JPG