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21479 boot problems

Question asked by on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by Harshit.Gaharwar


Have just received our first prototype board with the ADSP 21479 DSP. The LDF file supplied seems to have only area (seg_rth) as 48 bits wide, if I try to map seg_int_code as 48 bits wide (instead of 16) I get a linker error saying it is not a contiguous area.

the default is

  seg_init     { TYPE(PM RAM) START(0x0008c100) END(0x0008c2ff) WIDTH(48) }

  seg_int_code { TYPE(SW RAM) START(0x00124900) END(0x0013Bfff) WIDTH(16) }


I have tried to set the following

seg_init     { TYPE(PM RAM) START(0x0008c100) END(0x0008E2FF) WIDTH(48) }

seg_int_code { TYPE(SW RAM) START(0x0008F300) END(0x00093FFF) WIDTH(48) }

and get

[Warning li2040] ".\ADSP-21479_C.LDF":222 Due to memory fragmentation, output section 'seg_init' in processor 'p0' was mapped discontinuously.

  Use FORCE_CONTIGUITY command to ensure that output section is mapped continuously.

  Use NO_FORCE_CONTIGUITY command if contiguity does not matter in this output section.


As seg_int_code includes seg_pmco which I want to be 48 bits wide I thought it would be easier to the set whole of seg_int_code to 48 bits wide

Any ideas why I get the error?


Is there a way of turning off the VISA 16 bit code, and going back to a address map similare to the 21363.

Any advice would be appreciated