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Reflection in output stage of adf4360-0?

Question asked by Edel on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by Brigid.Duggan

Hello, I'm trying building a synthesizer with an adf4360-0. I have several stages. I have a PCB for the reference oscillator. A PCB for power source. A PCB for filter (it is given because of ADIsimpll) and other PCB for adf4360-0. The oscillator produces a Saw Tooth signal (Vpp = 1.67v and a frequency = 10 Mhz). This is showed in first picture.  When I connect all PCB´s and turn on the Synthesizer,I can get an output signal. The output signal is showed in second picture. After 10 minutes, the output signal is that showed in third picture. Is it a mistake to

put a wire for to connect 3.3 volts (Vvco) to the output stage? This is showed in the fourth picture. Does this produce a reflection? After all process, I measured the oscillator and its output signal was Vpp=800mv and frequency=10 Mhz. In the fifth picture, I show all PCBs. PCB for adf4360-0 is showed in Document 2 (made in EAGLE). I hope that you could help me. Best Regards.



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