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ADV7612 ADV7510 Handshake Failure

Question asked by lopete on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by dan73

Hello everyone,


I am using the ADV7612 on the receiver side, when I connect it to a device (through hdmi cable) using the ADV7510 I do not see any communication happening on the DDCA lines between the two devices.  I have DDCB disabled on the receiver side and I am not using PORTB.  I have verified that the ADV7510 can see the HPD by reading the HPD register within firmware. 


Oddly enough, when I connect my ADV7612 receiver to a device using the ADV7511 transmitter, I can see the communication happening on the DDCA lines. Has anyone out there seen this problem before?  What could be the possible reasons why communication does not happen when I connect the ADV7612 to the ADV7510? 


Thanks everyone!