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How do I acquire more data with the eval AD7656-1 software?

Question asked by marcpirello on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by jcolao

I am trying to acquire 10 seconds of 40ksps data on 4 channels with this eval board and the SDP-B Blackfin board.  I have figured out that the AD7656-1 eval software by default leaves all the channels on, which multiplies the number of samples by 6.


To acquire 10 seconds of data, with a maximum number of samples of 131072 I am stuck at 2184 samples per second.  I need to increase the buffer to increase the number of samples to 2,097,152 to approximate 10 seconds of data at ~ 40,000 samples per second.  This is a proof of concept.


131072 / (6 * 10) ~ 2184 sps


I can see this was done in labview, is there any way to get the VI source file for this?  Actually if I could acquire the continuously that would be ideal, but if we can get 10 seconds working, that would be good enough, I believe the USB port is the limiting factor in data transmission.


Any help would be appreciated.




Marc Pirello