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how to map interrupts source to event vector talbe

Question asked by walterwood on Nov 3, 2013
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we use bf609 to designe a video process systerm,but the gudi say


On ADSP-BF60x processors, an updated system interrupt interface has

been added to the core to connect to the System Event Controller (SEC).

The SEC prioritizes system interrupts and provides a single interrupt indicator

to the core along with an interrupt ID. System interrupts are

directed to core interrupt level 11. The interrupt ID is latched in the

CEC_SID register for use in the interrupt service routine. This CEC_SID

register (shown in Figure 4-11) exists only on the ADSP-BF60x



so if I want map the dma interrupt to evt10 or other entry,but I can't foud SEC_IARx register in bf60x datasheet.

What can I do to realize this application.