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celt static mode headers generation is buggy

Question asked by alegoss on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by SimonB

There is a project for celt static mode generation under:


C:/Analog Devices/SoftwareModules/CELTCodec-BF-Rel1.2.0/include/dump_modes/adi_celt_dump_modes_bf_537


It generates three files: adi_celtc_opus_static_modes.h adi_celtc_static_modes.c adi_celtc_static_modes.h using an attached library (=no source for code generation provided)


There are two symbols referenced  in celtc_static_modes.c: eband5ms and band_allocation


Those symbols are static declared in another c file (modes.c) and the compilation fails as expected.


Can you fix it please?