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RF Detector For Satellite Pointing

Question asked by johngrantuk on Nov 1, 2013
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I've been investigating methods of measuring satellite signal strength to aid pointing an antenna and came across Analog Devices RF Detectors which look like they could be suitable but wondered if anyone could confirm my thoughts?


The basic set-up is a parabolic dish pointed at a geosynchronous satellite to receive Ku-band frequencies. The Ku-band signal gets downconverted to an IF at L-band (950MHz-2150MHz) and amplified by an LNB behind the dish. I thought it would be possible to use an RF detector after the LNB to measure the signal strength and help peak the pointing at the max signal. I know the antenna will receive all the various carriers from the satellite transponders and I wasn't sure how this would affect the RF detectors operation. Could anyone confirm this seems like a viable idea or let me know that I'm missing something obvious and being an idiot! Thanks!