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ADV7181C 480i component out setting

Question asked by funk48 Employee on Oct 31, 2013
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According to the ADV7181C script version 3.2C, the setting for 480i component input 422 output is as below.

##CP YPrPb 525i & 625i##

:525I YPrPb In 20Bit 422 HS/VS Encoder:

42 05 00 ; PRIM_MODE = 001b COMP

42 06 0A ; VID_STD for 525i



But table 8 in ADV181C manual also show that prim_mode=0b0001 and VID_STD=0b0000 is 1440 x 480i setting. What is the difference between this and script setting as internal operation point of view? And is there a script which use the setting of "prim_mode=0b0001 and VID_STD=0b0000"?


Thank you