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TS201S EZ Kit CPLD to communicate with an external A/D converter

Question asked by p.p.santos on Oct 31, 2013
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I'm migrating one of my projects from a SHARC 21369 to a TigerSHARC TS201S for processing and memory reasons. We have here a TS201S EZ Lite kit with two processors.


TS201 doesn't have SPORTs as 21369 does and I need to interface a 2-bit 16 MHz A/D converter.


Two options came to my mind:


  1. Use processor's A FLAG0_A ~ FLAG3_A  to manually read the A/D (CLK generating interrupts on processor e two pins with A/D data to be read) and store information on SDRAM so that I can process it with processor B;
  2. Use the onboard CPLD on connector P6 to read the A/D and send data to the memory using DMA (through external port).


For each option I have a concern:

  1. May FLAG pins capable of both generate interrupts and read data at 16 MHz frequency?
  2. At which level need we change CPLD's project to achieve the necessary functionality to implement solution [2]?


I accept new ideas.