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ADAU1446 ASRC Problem

Question asked by Olombo on Oct 31, 2013
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we recently got a Dev Board for ADAU1446. Basically everathing works really good but we cannot figure out the following:


We want to route SPDIF In via the ASRC to the DSP. For this we did the following:


-In Hardware Config/ Register Control: ASRC Input Select Pair 0 -> SPDIF Receiver Pair 0

                                                       ASRC Output Rate Pair0 -> DSP Rate


- In Schematic Use ASRC Input and connected it to any output, e.g. SPDIF out


Direclty connecting SPDIF in and out works; the ASRC Input however delivers no data. We also tried with analog channels and did not work. So a basic misunderstanding may be present from our side. Maybe someone has a example?